About Stefan Kanchev Project

Stefan Kanchev

The purpose of this project is to fill the information vacuum about the life and art of Stefan Kanchev. The quality of his works is so high that they are worthy to be shared with more people. Kanchev is the author of more than 1000 trade marks and symbols, 650 stamps, posters, post cards and envelopes, book covers, packaging and etc. It turned out that the gathering and processing of Kanchev’s art were very difficult tasks mainly because most of the works have sunk in the past. But the start is made. This project is a result of two years of hard work and doesn’t claim to be comprehensive. The work is not finished, actually it starts now and begins to evolve. The project is open to all who would like to contribute. Any information about Stefan Kanchev is welcome and would enrich the site. All signals of discrepancies or inaccuracies regarding project names, years or information are also welcome.

Project team:

Andrian Dimitrov — graphic designer
Yana Veleva — graphic designer
Vladimir Georgiev — developer
Julia Zidarova — developer

Thanks to:

Georgi Pavlov, Marta Kancheva, Stoyan Kamburov, Margarita Ershova, Rumiana Konstantinova, Nikola Mihov, Stefan Spassov

I would like to thank all people that sacrificed their free time in order to make this project reality.

Andrian Dimitrov